The piece that inspired me to make this composition can be found here. It is a still-life that was painted by Pablo Picasso.

Here is my progress so far:



1. I had forgotten to take screen caps of my progress, but essentially I took one picture of my car and left it as the background. I cropped bits and pieces of the car from other images and simply pasted them over the car. I didn’t realize how bad my craftsmanship looked until later on.






2. My piece is mostly on the upper left side of the canvas, so I tried to build the gravel underneath. It was just looking so horrible that I didn’t really know what to do except to trash it and start all over.




3. I scrapped the original and reconstructed my piece because it looked very unfinished, very sloppy, an it did not reflect my skills and craftsmanship as an artist. This time. I started with an empty canvas and added the cropped car pieces one-by-one. I also, unlike the original, cropped pieces out of the car is a choppy manner; I noticed I was caring too much about having the whole parts of the car visible before. I did, however, place the pieces where they would be if the car were seen from the front… they’re just in a very cubist arrangement. The background consists of an orange-yellow gradation. I wanted it to contrast with the color of the car. I did this with the fill tool and selected the background [because all the layers are actually not on the background, but are layers placed over it].

New- Cubist_1

4. Here I changed and filtered the colors of certain pieces of my car slightly. The front vent of the car, for example, have been changed to a lower opacity and changed to a yellow color. The license plate, one piece of the car hood on the lower right, and a small piece of the hood on the upper left side has been edited with the oil paint tool. I really love how it made the reflection of the trees look on the car.

I used the sun-kissed photos of my car and placed them up on top to create a solar point (since the lower portion of my pictures are dark), and I also added “sun” to the tire rim on the lower right portion of the composition to balance it and not make the top half of my composition become the only focal point. I’m really liking how this is turning out, but I am not sure if I am finished.


New- Cubist_2


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