Concept 1

I wanted to have my bird, Pauly, sitting under the starfish wearing the red Angry Birds sunglasses, but decided not to do this composition because it wasn’t challenging to me.

Starfish at the BeachIMG_0458

Concept 2

I wanted to have my italian baking timer baking a pizza, but the perspective was too far off & the reolution of my images are low.

IMG_0471 IMG_0483IMG_0471Italian-kitchen-design-ideas-italian-kitchen-design-ideas

Concept 3

I went with this concept of making my Goldfish surf in the ocean being chased by a pelican. I took my own photo of my goldfish, Flippy.


Concept 4

Because cockateils are native to this kind of environment, I trashed this concept because it didn’t feel hyperrealist here.




Concept 5

This concept was too challenging for me. I wanted to have my dog on the space station wearing an astronaut’s helmet, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I scrapped this concept as well.



Sketch using concept 3



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