Progress as of November 11th

Despite being Veteran’s Day, I’m sitting in class all day today, but that’s not so much a bad thing [for me, at least].

My progress so far:


-Changed Hyperrealist piece, will hopefully finish it before noon today.

-Flippy the fish passed away šŸ˜¦ So I took another goldfish for my class hyperrealist project (but I’m keeping my previous version!)

Cubist piece:

-Can’t figure it out, but it feels incomplete to me. I will post progress pictures soon.

-I haven’t had too much time outside of class to work on my pieces, so I’m probably behind some of my classmates on my cubist piece.

Also, Sketches will be posted before noon today!

& if anyone is interestedĀ  in my [unprofessional] independent work, please check out this link!


Lag in Posts

I apologize for the lag in posts. Being a busy worker & full-time art student got the best of me.


I promise to update my journal every week from now on.






Finished Hyperrealism piece.

-Editing After-Feedback page & posting old scanned sketches soon.

Working on Cubism piece.

-Editing other pages & posting scanned sketches soon.



So far, I am really liking my digital imaging class! I’ve never used photoshop before, & I’m loving everything I can do with it! I especially like my Hyperrealist piece, although I may have to edit it again to balance out the composition.



That’s all for now.


-M. Mejia

Art Student