Working on Reviving My Website

Hello! It’s been 3 years (as of today) since I last uploaded anything or made any changes to my website. I’m planning to completely re-organize everything to set my Digital Imaging classwork into a separate folder as “old classwork” and use this website as my personal website, instead of having to create a new one and risk mixing up new content with old content. Since there isn’t much here, I thought it would easy to reorganize.


Sorry if you see any errors!


Week 4, Spring Semester

This is hopefully my last semester at my current college. I’m being worked very hard, but I do know that I’ll do good this semester!

I don’t have much in terms of digital art, but you can check out my amateur gallery here!


This is my latest upload. Stay tuned for student work!

Classes are starting again on Tuesday!

I can’t wait to be bored at school than bored at home!

I’m really looking forward to my Spring 2014 semester, especially because I will be taking an Art Therapy class at the White Plains Center of the Arts!

It’s really grand, I can’t sleep due to the excitement!

Finals Week!

Today marks the start of my finals. So much work to do, so little time.

Thank goodness I’ll finish tomorrow evening!

Progress since last post:

Started & finished with Collage piece. Everything has been uploaded under the Collage link.

Printed my hyperrealist piece. It looks great! One thing I learned from Digital Imaging class is that the colors on the monitor will NOT  be exactly the same! When I printed my piece, it was super-saturated. I had to adjust everything to look like this so that the image could look like that!

Progress as of December 2nd

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving feast. I fed an elderly woman her dinner. Quite a lot of people volunteer to do things like this for the elderly because they have no one that can, or wants to, be with them on a family unification holiday (in Modern USA, that is).


Found the image of inspiration for my Collage project:waiting_for_the_sun_by_kanchancollage-d5o4546

I want to make a collage on things that make me happy, but this composition is absolutely beautiful, and it really is inspiring!

Progress as of November 25th

– Finished Hyperrealism, edited pages and all.

– Finished with cubism, I think. Maybe I’ll add some finishing touches before deciding to print.

–Will post sketches soon! I can’t seem to find them, plus I’ve been overworked with homework lately!


Starting concepts and sketches for Collage. Will post Collage page soon, possibly by the end of this week.




While you wait, enjoy this cubist piece that I photographed from the Museum of Modern Art!